What You Will Receive

Personalized Training Plan

Your training plan is suited to your goals and experience level. Your favorite exercises will be included, and it will be updated regularly to ensure you make steady gains.

Personalized Diet Plan

Your diet plan is created to ensure you reach your goals while enjoying the process. It will consist of your favorite foods, and you would not have to eat anything you dislike. It will be updated regularly to ensure you remain excited and motivated.


Email Support

We are here to answer any doubts you have about your plan or any fitness related questions. We try our best to keep you driven and motivated so that you can reach your goals.

Why JuzFitness?

Unlike many online plans, our plans do not promise quick results. However, they allow you to make lifelong changes that are sustainable. Your plan is adjustable to ensure you stay consistent while enjoying the journey. This way, you will be able to sustain the body you worked hard for.

We understand that you wouldn’t want to suffer while reaching your goals. Even though we are not able to promise an easy route, we will provide the best route for you to reach your goals with the least suffering required. You will receive healthy, low-calorie recipes of your favorite foods so that dieting doesn’t have to be boring and torturous.

Fitness is not about struggling to reach your goals, but to appreciate the process and learn more about yourself. During your journey, you will eventually attain the body you desire. We wish to help you get there in the simplest way possible, ensuring the journey is pleasant.